About Chaos Conquered®

About Chaos Conquered®

Hi it’s Gab here! Founder and CEO of Chaos Conquered®, Marketing and Brand Consulting. I’m a born and bred Mallee girl, snow fanatic and serious nerd when it comes to all things marketing.
My reason for packing in corporate life and starting my business? To provide professional marketing services to all business owners, regardless of location.
How the heck does that work Gab?
Well, I use a variety of tried and tested online communication tools that are easy to use and hassle free to manage. This works not only for my remote friends, but also my metro mates as well.
But we want you to come and work with us Gab! Face to face!
That’s also not a problem, and we would arrange this together during the project scoping phase.
Ready to have a chat? Drop me your email by clicking the link below and we can arrange a meet and greet call to start us off.

What we stand for


We will always work together on setting SMART objectives and measurement tools to ensure we are set up for success from the very beginning. ​

Collaboration over competition​

We believe that a successful (and sustainable) outcome can not be achieved without unicen. We believe that asking questions and contributing ideas all ideas will only ever add value, never the opposite.​

Supporting local

We will always look to use quality Australian suppliers and business partners rather than outsource to cheaper overseas options.​

Our proud charity partners

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